Individual counseling is available for our residents and through our Outreach Program. We also offer a professional, licensed counselor at no cost for women and their children.

In addition, our trained Advocates are ready and willing to hear and validate a survivor’s  individual story and help guide her on a  journey to create a new chapter in life free of domestic abuse. Our mission is to help survivors through difficult and stressful times created by  the devastating consequences of domestic violence. We hear our survivors and validate their feelings to help them through extraordinarily  difficult and stressful times.

At Faith and Grace, our motto  is “Be Open To Change” and that’s exactly what we provide to battered women and children who want a new and healthy life free from all kinds of abuse including physical, emotional, financial, verbal and sexual. Women and their children don’t need to fear abuse or live in isolation. All that’s needed is for them to be Open to Change and take advantage of our many programs, including counseling, and legal assistance to finally and forever leave domestic violence in their past.

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