AZ Tax Credit Donation

Are You Paying Arizona Income Taxes?

If so, you can choose where a portion of your tax dollars are allocated! The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit allows a dollar-for-dollar tax credit donation on your Arizona State Tax Return. The allowable limits are up to $400 when your filing status is single or head of household and up to $800 if you are married or file jointly.

For example, if a married couple owes $1,000 on state taxes but donates $800 to a qualifying charitable organization, the amount due for state taxes is $200.

Please consider Faith and Grace, Inc. as your eligible charity when applying for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Faith and Grace is a charitable qualifying charity organization, QCO Code:  22552. 

Filing single or head of household

Married, filing jointly

Thank you from your Friends at Faith and Grace, serving women and children fleeing domestic violence.